What is Further Education and Training?


Our courses cover many professional fields, and are relevant to professional standards. You complete practical tasks to develop the technical, occupational skills required for work. You learn related theory and knowledge, to gain a thorough understanding of your area. You can develop wider skills including independent learning, team-working and research techniques as part of your courses. At Carlow Institute of Further Education and Training, our courses are at Level 5 or 6 on the National Qualification Framework.

Comparing Irish NFQ Qualification Levels & UK Equivalents

Some courses lead to international qualifications from UK awarding bodies like ITEC, Edexcel and City and Guilds. These qualifications use UK levels, which are different to Irish NFQ levels, but the grid gives you a convenient way to compare (click it to get a bigger version).


You will have many different ways to demonstrate the skills, competencies and knowledge that you develop. These includes practical tasks, demonstrations, presentations, assignments, examinations, portfolios and creating items. Assessment takes places throughout the course, and you will receive regular feedback on your work with advice on how best to improve your skills.

NFW UK Scales Comparison

You can see that even though the levels appear different, they are easily comparable. We offer UK awards especially where there is international recognition in the industry and occupational sector.

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