CAO First Round Offers will issue on Friday 11th September so some of you will receive offers who may not have received an offer in Round Zero or who are perhaps hoping for a higher preference offer.
Ensure your ppsn is entered and correct, please note ppsn not student ID number. Also there is still time to enter your old Leaving Cert Examination Number if you have not already entered it, to make these changes contact CAO from the contact section within your CAO account immediately. All information in regard to dates and offers is on the homepage of – offer rounds and reply dates.

Please note there is an Available Places facility (Opens on September 14th at 12 noon ), these are courses which are either new to HEI’s or places which remain unfilled. If an applicant has a current CAO application they may apply online without payment of a further fee. Those who have not already applied to CAO may make an application to CAO for an available place at a cost of €45. Please note there are courses currently listed , some of which are fee paying and not covered by SUSI, it is important to check by contacting the HEI. Institutes of Technology courses are covered for fees if eligible for a grant from SUSI.

Entry Requirements continue to apply for Available Places. Please read all information About Available Places on the CAO website and watch the short video presentation available at

Best wishes to all